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Heaving Sun - The Black Star (FULL ALBUM) * Doom, sludge, metal *

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1. The Vector Portal 0:00
2. Singularity 6:37
3. The Devouring 13:06
4. Aeon Drift 18:48
5. Massiva 22:38
6. The Eye Beyond the Event Horizon 28:40
7. Funeral for a Frozen Star 32:56

A giant star goes supernova and rips a hole in the very fabric of the Universe. Through the tear, a being from another dimension is pulled through and joins with the singularity to form a black hole, but one who is aware and has a conscious mind. After devouring its first star, the black hole sets apon an almost infinite existential journey across the Universe searching for its purpose and consuming everything in its path. Finally, it finds itself at the end of time in a cold and empty Universe where all the light and energy has faded out.

The Voice Of Gravity - Colin "Big C" Walls
The Universal Resonance - Alan "Staresy" Stares

All vocals & lyrics by Colin Walls. All music by Alan Stares

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alan Stares at
A-Star Audio, Glasgow,
Summer 2013/Spring 2018

For more information on other projects please visit the website:


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