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METAL GUITAR FOR BEGINNERS w/Kevin Frasard + Metallica - No Remorse Cover

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Metal Guitar For Beginners With Kevin Frasard Plus Metallica No Remorse Cover

In this video I share some of my opinions and approaches for beginners learning to play guitar, a cover of Metallica - No Remorse at 210/230 bpm, and some of my warming up for the metal stuff. There are tons of tips and pointers for those just starting out that go beyond what I talk about in this video, but hopefully what I talk about here helps some of you guys. I can always add to my uploads later so let me know what else could benefit you in any way. No Remorse begins @ 9:14(210 bpm) and again @ 16:35(230bpm). Thank you guys as always for watching and supporting this channel in everything that I've done throughout all of these years and continue to do. You guys are too awesome!!!

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